Hungarian Tire Association

Our Mission

The mission of HTA is to represent the legitimate interests of tire industrial players in Hungary. The Association supports national manufacturers and distributors - with due respect to all national and European competition rules - in order to make sure that regulations related to tire manufacturing and utilization are prepared under a proper professional supervision according to national and European regulations.

Our Goals

The aim of HTA is to create a positive understanding of the tire industry and its products amongst the general public and to advise participants of economic and political life, to achieve an appropriate and globally competitive legislative and regulatory environment.

Our Operation

HTA aspires to cooperate with national and international professional bodies such as the Brussels based ETRMA and the Hungarian Institute for Transport Sciences (KTI), in matters of public transportation safety. The Association considers it important to draw awareness for tire quality, proper mounting and servicing procedures. In the future, HTA shall represent the tire industry in discussions with the government, media and other business organizations. For this, the Association consults continuously with relevant ministries and governmental institutions, about new bills and regulations relevant for the tire industry.


Social responsibility is a vital element of the CSR strategy and corporate culture of the Association and also of its member companies. On account of their significant economic role, corporations are responsible towards the entire Hungarian society. This is why HTA also seeks for the best ways to set good examples in the future.